Swimming is not only a great survival skill for children to know, but it’s also a fun past-time during the summer to keep kids active and away from electronics. At Sheldon Acres, we want to help make your decision easy when it comes to enrolling your child/children in swim lessons. Here is our list of important things to consider when pondering the idea of swim lessons to help you make an educated decision.

#1 Keeping Your Child Safe

With drowning being a major cause of child deaths in the United States, we want to make sure that your child is capable of being independent in water. The best way to assure your child can do this, is making sure they have a knowledge of the basic safety skills of water. Our Sheldon Acres swim instructors are certified in water safety and implement those skills in every level of our classes that are offered.

#2 Keeping Your Child Healthy

Swimming is one of the best exercises, especially for young children. It allows them to work all the main muscles in the body without adding any extra pressure or strain to them. Another health benefit of swimming is strengthening your child’s heart, lungs, and stamina. Not only does swimming keep your child healthy, but it will wear them out too! Anything is worth burning off some of that energy!

#3 Keeping Your Child Socially Active

Summer time can come with some socially dead times, specifically for school-aged children. Swimming lessons are a great option to keep your child moving and to keep social interaction throughout the summer. A little friendly competition is always a good way to push your children too. This can also be a great way to introduce your infant to the water and to make friends with other infants and parents in our “Me and My Shadow” lessons.

#4 Having Some Fun

It’s always a trick to find things for your school-aged kids to do during the summer. Kids love swimming! It is a fun past-time and a great way to play with friends. Lessons can be fun for the parents too; whether they are bonding with their infants and young ones, or getting to sit back and relax for a minute while watching their older children swim. After your child gets their Certificate of Completion from Sheldon Acres, it will create opportunities for many other fun, summer activities that revolve around water.

More About Sheldon Acres

Being able to swim is an extraordinary skill for your child to have. From building self-confidence to simply being comfortable in water, you will absolutely see the effects that swim lessons had on your child in multiple areas of their life. The decision to enroll your child in swim lessons should be a no-brainer. If you have any further questions or concerns, call Sheldon Acres Child Development Center today!

Sheldon Acres offers lessons for all ages. They are split into different age groups and have a maximum number of four students per class to be able to focus on where your child is at in his/her own skill-set. Our certified and experienced instructors can’t wait to get to know you and your children! Fill out the registration form today and choose which session fits your summer schedule best!