As school gets out, children will be supplied with plenty of sunshine and freetime. Now is the perfect time for your young star to get out and enjoy all of the excitement they can handle. Sheldon Acres Child Development Center is here to provide what we believe to be the best summer camp in Elk Grove. Your child will be able to socialize, play, and explore through our captivating program. Today, we’ll look at a few of the many fun activities going on here at Sheldon Acres. For nearly three decades, we’ve optimized our summer camps for kids with the intention of bringing them the most beneficial use of their time during vacation. With our center, your child can learn and thrive!

Engaging Activities

Fun and education are what we are all about here at our summer camp in Elk Grove. Sheldon Acres provides a wide range of activities to enrich your child, including:

  • Art Classes and Drawing Lessons
  • Gardening
  • Cooking Instruction
  • Learning Games
  • Engaging Sports
  • Much More!

Our development center is proud to provide a comprehensive, exciting summer camp for our California residents. Since 1990, our trained staff has diligently worked to create a well-rounded program that provides a wide range of activities to keep children engaged and enthusiastic. Our medley of activities activates every part of the brain’s frontal lobe, from complex brain-building games at the desk to swinging the bat at home plate. We’re confident that your child will find an activity that cannot get enough of here at Sheldon Acres!

Aquatic Awesomeness

Any childhood development center that has its own private pool will tend to create an exciting hub for children of all ages. Sheldon Acres provides a wide range of aquatic activities, including top-quality swim lessons for Elk Grove. We also offer daily recreational time in the pool, giving kids the ability to have fun and improve their skills at their leisure. Sheldon Acres plans annual events as well, such as Water Day, to bring the excitement of swimming and learning together in a fun, engaging format. Whether you’re seeking top-notch swimming lessons for kids or simply wanting them to become more comfortable with the water, our facility is here to help!

Field Trip Fun

Even as adults, the thought of going on a field trip is an exciting one. Your child will benefit from going on frequent trips around California, gaining memorable experiences along the way. Each of our field trips is designed to provide education and entertainment in order to more fully enrich each kid. Our experienced staff keeps a watchful eye on every child that is coupled with our supervisory system to ensure that your little one is safe and sound at all times. Field trips are fun, but all summer long? Sign us up!

Sheldon Acres Child Development Center was founded to provide the best childcare and preschool services in California. Our summer camp gives Elk Grove children the chance to experience what we believe to be an unbeatable program. The sunshine is on, and space is limited, so be sure to contact us soon to learn more about our summer camp!