You’re dealing with the insurance company regarding some medical billing that they are refusing to pay. You’re trying to figure out the strange navigation of a website that you need to order your pet’s medication from. You’re attempting to buy a new home in a market with low inventory and an excess of buyer’s. What do all of these situations have in common? They all are incredibly stressful, frustrating, and entirely necessary.

In today’s blog from Sheldon Acres Child Development Center in Elk Grove, we will discuss the importance of and the way that you can help your child build persistence and resilience — two of the most useful skills that they can possess. As your pre-schooler grows older, they will need more, not less resilience. As they come up against the greatest challenges of their life, which they will at some point, they will need persistence.

But just as importantly, these skills will help them overcome tough homework problems, difficult social situations, and much, much more. At Sheldon Acres Child Development Center, we don’t just teach social skills and educational fundamentals, we work on practicing life skills as well because your never too young to start learning how to stand up to all the things that life will throw at you.

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Teach And Practice Skills

As parents, we have to remember that executive functioning is still a long way off from the current state of cognitive development and self-actualization that our children have achieved. What that means in layman’s terms is that when your child is acting like everything in the world is the hardest thing ever, they’re not that far from wrong. Perception at this age is focused on the immediate truths of their situation, and stepping back to consider alternatives is challenging for them to remember, or even accomplish, without guidance and practice.

Effectively navigating the challenges of the moment, and of the future, is all about planning, focus, following instructions, and multi-tasking effectively — all things that most children are relatively poor at. Even simple tasks like locating socks, putting a dish away in the right place, or remembering to be gentle with the new puppy can seem too big to handle.

You can help your child overcome the enormity of these situations by facilitating an easier path to success and encouraging them consistently and with patience. Label the drawer where the socks are kept (or at least where they are supposed to be). Always begin by demonstrating where the first piece of a set of items from the dishwasher goes, then allow your child to repeat the step multiple times with the others. Help your child recognize when they, or others, are petting an animal the right way.

Remember that you are the teacher in these day to day tasks that can frustrate your child easily, and you have the keys to help them be successful.

Be Patient And Allow Discovery

When our children are frustrated and feel like they are failing for reasons outside of their control, our temptation as parents is to run to the rescue. However, when emotional eruptions are right around the corner, you don’t want to neglect your little one’s feelings.

The best way to handle a situation like this is to be diligent when your child is working on the tasks that frustrate them. When they start to struggle, step in with an encouraging word, or quick tip or reminder. Then, step away and let them continue working. This simple strategy lets your child know that you are here to help them if the problem is bigger than them, but it also tells them that you have faith in their ability to independently solve the problem — a very empowering message for anyone of any age.

If the task is just too big to handle without a breakdown, then step in before that happens to avoid building negative associations with the task, and revisit it later with slightly more support and proximity.

Celebrate Success

We all like to be recognized for the things that we believe we have conquered, overcome, or achieved, and children are no different. Pay special attention to when your child exhibits true persistence or resilience and let them know that you are proud of them.

Tell them, “Wow. That was not easy, was it? But, I saw that you just wouldn’t give up and you did a great job. Good work.” Or say, “I know that working on this kind of thing can be frustrating for you. I was very proud of the way that you stuck with it and continued to keep a good attitude. Fantastic job.”

We all know what it feels like to want to give up, and we all know how terrible it feels if we give into that feeling. Help your child begin to build some of the most crucial skills they can learn for the rest of their life by practicing these simple, but crucial, steps. Your awareness and caring will help build them into the kind of person who has the ability to knock down walls for the rest of their life.

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