Evenings at home after getting the kids from school, getting homework completed, driving to sports practice, music lessons, while preparing dinner and tidying up around the house can make for a busy evening. Keeping your kids engaged during that time of the day can sometimes end in tears or sitting them in front of the T.V.

This doesn’t have to be the case, because there are amazing after school programs available to parents to help make sure their child is safe and not getting into trouble at home. For younger school aged kids, being at home without an adult or babysitter is not advisable. Even for older school aged kids, it’s better to have them actively participating in activities they enjoy. Before and after school programs can offer a positive place for them to be challenged and to have fun, which is a great way to keep them busy and safe.

When parents and guardians have to work before and after normal school start times, it can create a gap of time for kids. Signing them up for a before and after school programs can change that gap into time they get to learn and socialize outside of home and school.

Sheldon Acres Child Development Center has one of the best after school programs in the Elk Grove area. Contact us for information about all the activities available. We offer fee based karate, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, art and music lessons to keep your kids busy without adding to the places you have to run the kids in the evenings. Call to schedule a tour of our two-acre facility.