1. Tips To Help Your Child On Their First Day Of Kindergarten Part 2

    The first day of school. For young children, nothing up until this point has been more exciting or fear-inducing. While your little learner will be excited to learn and thrive amongst his or her peers, the reality of this big change can result in a lot of anxiety. As the parent, we know that you will be working to make the first day of school for your child the best experience possible. As one of …Read More

  2. Tips To Help Your Child On Their First Day Of Kindergarten Part 1

    As the summer season draws to a close, many children and their parents are preparing for the new school year. Young students who are about to enroll in kindergarten face a double-sided coin. Many children are excited to take on the next stage in their education, going to class and interacting with classmates, learning from encouraging teachers, and maturing along the way. However, this new process…Read More

  3. Enroll Your Child In Our Exciting Elk Grove Summer Camp

    As school gets out, children will be supplied with plenty of sunshine and freetime. Now is the perfect time for your young star to get out and enjoy all of the excitement they can handle. Sheldon Acres Child Development Center is here to provide what we believe to be the best summer camp in Elk Grove. Your child will be able to socialize, play, and explore through our captivating program. Today, w…Read More

  4. The Importance Of Music For Any Preschool Program Part 2

    When it comes to the choice of which preschool program to enroll their child in, many parents strive to find the best possible option. There are dozens of preschools to choose from, making it more difficult to find one that truly puts the best effort forth to enrich your child’s life. Sheldon Acres Child Development Center is proud to be a top preschool for Elk Grove residents. Our establishment…Read More

  5. The Importance Of Music For Any Preschool Program Part 1

    When it comes to providing the best for their children, many parents seek out a variety of options in order to find the best answer. While there is no miracle answer to solve all of life’s mysteries and woes, certain activities have proven to be hugely beneficial for child development. As one of the premier preschools in Elk Grove, the Seldon Acres Child Development Center provides a wide array …Read More

  6. Kindergarten Readiness With Our Elk Grove Preschool

    When it comes to early childhood education, parents want the best for their children. While the toddler years are full of exploration and wonder, the year before entering the Elk Grove school system is a perfect time for educational preparations. Sheldon Acres is the optimal preschool in Elk Grove for your gifted child. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing top-quality preschool programs to gu…Read More

  7. The Benefits Of After School Child Care

    When it comes to the lives of their children, parents often want the very best opportunities for success and happiness. For young, developing minds, incorporating an involved after-school program is vital for this endeavor. Sheldon Acres Child Development Center offers top-quality preschool and after school care programs to help young minds flourish. We offer comprehensive child care to the Elk Gr…Read More

  8. The Educational Benefits of Our After School Program

    Those first few years of school aren't just about learning the basics or reading, writing, and math. They should also be a time where your child's love of learning is fostered and they get excited about their educational careers! Our after school programs in Elk Grove are built on that idea, and we've created programs that take those few hours between when the school day ends and when you can get …Read More

  9. A Summer Camp With Activities for Every Interest

    When you've been working with kids as long as our teachers have been, you know that each one is different. Some kids can't wait to run and play in our two acres of land, while other prefer to spend their time doing art projects or reading a book. We understand that each child is unique! That's why our summer camp is Elk Grove has been created to meet the needs and interests of each child who comes…Read More

  10. Now Enrolling for Summer Camp 2016!

    We are proud to announce that registration for our 2016 summer camp is now open! At Sheldon Acres Child Development Center, we love what we do and the children of whose lives we are privileged to be a brief part. Summer is a time children look forward to after the long school year. It’s full of adventure, fun, and friends, and we do our very best to make sure that our Elk Grove summer camp lives…Read More