At Sheldon Acres Child Development Center in Elk Grove, we focus on multiple areas of development — not just education. Our staff deeply believes in the need for pool and water safety for both young children as well as adults. Utilizing the private swimming pool located on our property, we offer both beginner and advanced swimming lessons for all ages. 

Summer swimming lessons are not only a great way to cool off, but they are also a great form of exercise. Staying active in the summer can be difficult at times, especially for school-aged children. Our swimming lessons at Sheldon Acres offer them a place to make friends and have fun, while also exercising and strengthening their bodies. Learn more about the benefits of swimming lessons in this blog post. Register today to get started!

Details About Our Swimming Sessions

Our summer swimming sessions at Sheldon Acres include eight lessons that are spread throughout a two week time period. Each lesson is 30 minutes long and is available in the afternoons as well as early evenings to help fit into your crazy summer schedule. Learn more about the specific dates and times for our swimming lessons here.  

Awarding our students’ accomplishments is one of our main focuses as we believe that children should take pride in the things they work hard to complete. At the end of each swimming session, we will provide a Certificate of Completion to encourage our students to continue to strive for greatness. Contact Sheldon Acres in Elk Grove today for more information! 

Choosing The Right Lesson Type

At Sheldon Acres, we believe that you are never too young or too old to enjoy swimming in the summer. We break down our age groups for swimming lessons as listed below:

  • Infants – Age 3
      • Our Me and My Shadow lessons offer a fun bonding time for parents of infants and toddlers as they begin learning the basics of swimming. This lesson has a minimum requirement of four students alongside an adult in the water with them. 
  • Ages 3 – 5

      • This age group often contains children with a large variation of knowledge and experience in swimming, which is why we have a maximum amount of four students per lesson to give them the attention and assistance they need.
  • Ages 5 – Teens

      • Lessons that contain our older, more advanced swimmers have a maximum of six students per lesson instead of four, as most of them have experience with deep-end swimming and are simply working to expand their swimming abilities.
  • Adults

      • Our adult swimming lessons contain both private and group lesson options. These are normally recommended based on your previous knowledge of swimming, level of comfort, and the exact end goals you have for the lessons.

Level Descriptions

It is extremely important to choose the correct starting level for both children and adults for them to learn and grow as much as possible within the two week swimming session. Continue reading to identify which level is appropriate for the swimmer. Contact our staff at Sheldon Acres Child Development Center today with questions or comments!

  • Me and My Shadow
      • Our infant and toddler swimming level not only begins the teachings of basic swimming and water safety, but it also provides parents with the knowledge they need to help their child further develop their skills beyond our two week session. This level is also a great socializing experience.
  • Beginner 1
      • This level is made for those that have very little to no previous water experience. The main focus in this level will be going from a non floater to a floater, while also teaching the basic swimming skills such as kicking, stroking, and breathing. Water safety will also be a focus at this level.
  • Beginner 2
      • Our Beginner 2 level consists of those that are starting to float, hold their breath for less than 10seconds, and are comfortable kicking short distances with their face in the water. They will advance in the knowledge of combining a modified breaststroke and flutter kicks with head-up breath recovery, which is our special teaching technique known as the Pool Safety Stroke for the Young Child.   
  • Beginner 3
      • This level is designed for students that are comfortable with floating while keeping their eyes open, float kicks with their face in the water, holds breath for more than 10 seconds, and is beginning to stroke arms effectively. Within this level, students will continue practicing our Pool Safety Stroke for the Young Child technique, as well as be introduced to back-floating, sitting dives, and knee dives.   
  • Beginner 4
      • Students beginning in this level should have an advanced knowledge of our Pool Safety Stroke for the Young Child, which is a modified breaststroke combined with flutter kicks and head-up breath recovery. This group of deep-end swimmers will continue to expand their swimming abilities with the learning of the classic crawl stroke, back-float, and standing dive.  
  • Advanced Beginner
      • Advanced Beginners have the ability to use a front crawl stroke that involves breath recovery and arm strokes to confidently swim 25 yards. During lessons at this level, swimmers will further develop their ability to perform the classic crawl stroke, backstroke, and dives. Additionally, this level will focus on increasing swimming distances to a more intermediate level. 
  • Intermediate
      • This level is designed for swimmers that can crawl stroke multiple pool lengths with the use of breath recovery, but are looking to increase their swimming knowledge and abilities. We will focus on scissor kicks, breaststrokes, and backcrawl strokes to allow the swimmer to switch strokes for swimming with ease. For those looking to train further, we will add in racing turns and dives to this level as well.
  • Swimmer
    • If you are efficient in the basics of swimming, this level allows you to expand into more advanced strokes such as the sidestroke and butterfly stroke. For children and teens that have reached this final level of swimming, we also offer the teaching of junior lifesaving skills to encourage them to be more aware of their surroundings and provide them the knowledge needed to assist someone that is in need of help.  

The Importance of Water Safety

Our staff, at Sheldon Acres, is dedicated to keeping your child safe, which is why we teach water safety in each and every level of swimming that we offer. It is well known that drowning is one of the most common causes of death in children. Instilling the knowledge of water safety in your children from the very start can not only help them to be safe when near or in water, but it could also assist them in saving the life of a friend or even a stranger. 

One of the biggest water safety tips is to never swim alone, no matter how old you are. When dealing with kids specifically, be aware of your child’s swimming ability and the abilities of those that are accompanying them. For younger or less advanced swimmers, ensure that they are wearing a flotation device and that an experienced adult stays within reach of them at all times. Contact our staff today to learn more about the water safety lessons that we teach at Sheldon Acres Child Development Center in Elk Grove!

Swimming At Sheldon Acres

We love swimming and we hope to pass that love onto our students. Our swim instructors, at Sheldon Acres, are not only Water Safety Instructor Certified, but they also have more than 25 years of experience instructing swim lessons in both the Elk Grove and the Sacramento areas. If you are looking for a way to keep your child active and healthy during the summer months, take a moment to contact Sheldon Acres Child Development Center today for more information about our swimming lessons!