** Please Note That Swim Registration Has Been CLOSED As Of 6/15/2021! **


Me and My Shadow: Infants to 3 yrs. Lessons are taught with an adult in the water with the child. (3 yrs and older, see below)

Beginner 1 – Nonfloater. Little or no water experiences.

Beginner 2 – Floater (but shaky), short breath (less than 10 count), but can kick a short distance with face in water. Begin “Pool Safety Stroke for the Young Child” (flutter kick and modified breaststroke pull with head-up breath recovery) emphasized here.

Beginner 3 – Relaxed and strong floater, eyes open, long breath (10 count or more), can float kick with face in the water, and has some arm stroke ability (crawl or breaststroke). Perfecting breath recovery and increasing distance using the “Pool Safety Stroke for the Young Child” (modified breaststroke with a flutter kick and head up breath recovery) emphasized here. Begin back-float, sit and knee dives.

Beginner 4 – Mastered pool safety stroke for the young child (see above for description) and can swim in deep end comfortably. Classic crawlstroke, back-float and stand dive emphasized here.

Advanced Beginner – Can swim short distance (25 yards) using proper crawlstroke breath recovery and arm stroking. Perfect crawlstroke, backstroke, diving, and begin elementary backstroke emphasized here.

Intermediate – Can swim crawlstroke well (several pool lengths) with proper breath recovery. Has mastered the elementary backstroke. Scissors kick, breaststroke, and perfecting backcrawl will be emphasized at this level. Racing turns and dives will also be taught if desired.

Swimmer – Can swim crawlstroke and breaststroke well (50 meters) with proper breathing and arm stroking. Perfecting all strokes, including sidestroke. Begin learning butterfly and junior lifesaving skills.

All levels will learn water safety skills. Certificates/progress reports issued at end of each 2 week session

Fees: $124 per session. Each session is 8 lessons, Mon. thru Thu. for 2 consecutive weeks. Each lesson is 30 minutes long with a maximum of 4 students per class.*
Times: Exact times TBA (2:00 – 6:30) Please note your time preference below. Exact times will be posted or advised one week in advance. Time requests are honored whenever possible. Time slots are on a first-come-first-serve basis and are coordinated by age, level, and family groups.

2021 Session Dates: June 7-17, June 21-July 1, July 12-22, July 26-Aug. 5

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2021 Swim Lesson Registration

  • Fees are due at time of registration. Refunds granted only if class is canceled, filled, or if a written request is received in writing 2 weeks prior to the first class. Make checks payable to Sheldon Acres. Any questions please call 916-686-8344. Make up lessons are extremely difficult to accommodate and are granted if we cancel or if time allows when swimmer is ill w/verification. *(advanced levels of students over 5 years may have up to 6 per class)
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