When it comes to the lives of their children, parents often want the very best opportunities for success and happiness. For young, developing minds, incorporating an involved after-school program is vital for this endeavor. Sheldon Acres Child Development Center offers top-quality preschool and after school care programs to help young minds flourish. We offer comprehensive child care to the Elk Grove area. With three decades of experience, we have the staff and know-how to make the most of the time your child spends with us. Beyond the educational benefits, your kid can harness success with several other positive factors, including:

  • Better behavior. The positive association between our childcare experts and fun will help to encourage positive feelings about social situations. Continual socialization and encouraging reinforcement will build a strong foundation for your child’s future. When they are confident and feel a positive connection to others, the likelihood of displaying behavioral problems decreases.
  • More academic focus. Our program not only gives your child a place to complete homework, it also provides our knowledgeable staff to assist with homework matters. We can offer advice and support in order for your child to be excited about learning instead of dismayed. With a focus on academic excellence, Sheldon Acres strives to provide the most opportunities for educational success.
  • Increased attendance. As your child grows older, the appeal of skipping class my increase until you start receiving phone calls about unexcused absences from the school. When your student feels involved and appreciated in their educational endeavors, they tend to place a value on that education. Utilizing a quality child care program can assist in building that value and preventing classroom ditching.
  • Leadership education. Our after school care promotes opportunities for young minds to practice leadership roles in order to prepare them for a variety of future efforts. This approach goes hand in hand with confidence building. When your child is confident in themselves, the opportunities are endless!
  • Healthy habits. Our focus on physical health helps kids to exercise often and eat responsibly. From outdoor activities to the swimming pool, you can rest easy knowing that our program promotes fitness. Our teachers are also keen on proper nutrition to give your kid the energy needed to succeed. Our goal is to instill this priority in the children in order to equip them with a lifetime of healthy decisions.
  • Better decisions. Sheldon Acres strives to instill kids with a proper method for making good decisions and avoiding detrimental situations. This focus can be beneficial in a few years when peer pressure becomes a major part of any child’s life. Students who receive quality after school care tend to evade criminal activities, including drug use and juvenile delinquencies. You care for your child’s future, and so do we!

Sheldon Acres Child Development Center is here to provide optimal child care in Elk Grove. Children staying in our after school care will receive comprehensive educational and physical activities to foster optimal growth. We want you to share in the excitement that comes with exploring and learning. Contact us today to see how our certified experts can help your child succeed!