At Sheldon Acres Child Development Center, our endless research, dedication to our children and passion for their education means we make it our business to provide every Elk Grove preschooler with the tools they will need to thrive in this world. While 75% of the children in the United States attend preschool, many parents simply send their kids because they feel like that’s the norm. However, countless studies, educational leaders and parents’ guides are reaffirming what we have always known: preschool is the most important grade, and we should be encouraging all parents to join us in our fight for preschool.

According to child development studies conducted within the last 15 years, preschool education produces noticeable, immediate learning developments in children aged 3 and 4. While most of these studies are focused on numerical representations of a child’s learning gains (such as IQ and test scores), it is obvious that an early education improves a child’s quantitative knowledge of the world around him.

Less obvious are the permanent and more abstract gains that children who attend preschool receive, simply because social developments are so difficult to quantify. However, almost every child expert agrees that pre-kindergarten education (separate from day care) helps children to increase their:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Sympathy for Others
  • Understanding of the World
  • Love for Learning
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Independence
  • Ability to Adapt

With a quality foundation, your children will be able to have the confidence and tools to continue in their education and the world and really thrive. Join us in making a case for preschool and speak to one of our qualified, certified and experienced teachers today to begin making a difference in your child’s life.