Last month we started to discuss the differences between daycare and preschool in order to help you make the big decision of whether or not to send your child to preschool. At our child care and development center in Elk Grove, we are passionate about helping parents make these big decisions, listening to your concerns and guiding you toward the resources that can answer your questions best.

The Differences Between Daycare And Preschool

Operating Hours

In general, daycare is a place where children can play while their parents are at work. Because of this, a daycare center is open during normal business hours, typically from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm so that parents are able to drop their children off before work and can have time to pick them up at the end of their day. However, a preschool is specifically designed in order to teach young students, instead of to care for them. This means that many preschool programs are only open for a few hours two or three times a week.

At Sheldon Acres, you can enroll your little one in a half or full day program, so you can still work and know that your child is learning.

Philosophy and Curriculum

Because daycare is designed to enrich your child’s life instead of teach them specific skills or facts, the curriculum and the philosophy behind preschool is going to be vastly different. In preschool, your little one will learn the alphabet, early reading skills, science, the calendar, music, art, problem solving skills, and more, as well as the social skills necessary to make them a successful adult.


Because the preschool curriculum offers more in-depth learning, your child will have a certified teacher as opposed to a daycare specialist.

Parent Involvement

Preschool programs generally involve more parent activity because we understand that your child’s education is important to you, and we want to allow you to be an integral part of that process.

Contact us to learn more about whether preschool is the right choice for you and your child, and enroll your child in one of our programs today!