Those first few years of school aren’t just about learning the basics or reading, writing, and math. They should also be a time where your child’s love of learning is fostered and they get excited about their educational careers! Our after school programs in Elk Grove are built on that idea, and we’ve created programs that take those few hours between when the school day ends and when you can get home from work and created something that not also will your children love, but will also offer educational benefits that could last a lifetime.

kinder-readinessCheck Out These Benefits of Our After School Programs!

Nutritional Snacks

Healthy snacks fuel your child’s body and help them focus. We provide delicious and nutritious after-school snacks for them to enjoy.

Homework Labs

Our homework labs are the perfect place to get their school work done! They’ll have adults on hand to help them get through tricky subjects and keep them on task. Now they can enjoy their time at home with you without the homework battle!

More Learning Opportunities

We create an environment that fosters their love of learning with various activities in the realm of science, history, art and more!

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We provide a safe and healthy environment for children to enjoy after school. Our program can help fuel your child’s love of learning, help them with subjects they might be struggling to grasp, and introduce them to new subjects and ideas along the way. We’d love to see your child at Sheldon Acres soon! Learn more about our programs by clicking the button below to contact our team today.

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