As parents, we constantly face tough decisions regarding our children. From diet to time spent watching television, it feels like each and every choice we make is a crucial one when it comes to the wellbeing of our kids. One of the most challenging decisions we must confront for our young children is the question of whether or not to enroll them in a preschool program. Sheldon Acres Child Development Center in Elk Grove understands that you want to make the right decision for your child, so in our blog today, we will explore the reasons why preschool is an important step in your child’s early education.

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Successful Preparation For Kindergarten

There are tremendous benefits to enrolling your child in an early childhood education program, especially if you can find a program that offers multiple years of enrollment for younger children like Sheldon Acres does. However, at the end of the day, there is one fundamental reason preschool is so important — successful preparation for kindergarten. Kindergarten is the first official step of your child’s private or public school education. Enrolling in a quality preschool program helps to ensure that your child is ready for learning, socializing, and achieving success to begin a positive chain reaction that can last for their entire academic career.  According to a study from Dominican University of California, students who are able to participate in at least one year of a preschool program gain the following advantages for their transition to kindergarten:

  • A familiarity with classroom structure and norms, allowing them to transition more fluidly into traditional classroom environments.
  • An awareness of daily routines and the importance of building successful academic habits.
  • A strong set of socialization skills for peer interactions, conflict resolution, teamwork, and creating meaningful relationships with adults.
  • A familiarity with academic tasks and schema for accomplishing school work.
  • The ability to find social, academic, and institutional inclusion from day one.

A quality preschool program like the one offered at Sheldon Acres Child Development Center in Elk Grove is a key ingredient in your child’s formal education success. Read on to see if our program is the right one for your child.

Why Choose Sheldon Acres

We care about your child and their success, so we blend some elements of a structured curriculum with the wonder of discovery that our children have an untamed gift for. Sheldon Acres has a proven track record of success, a focus on social skills and interactions, and two wonderful, outdoor aces of space to allow children to play and learn together outside of the confines of a classroom typical to many preschool programs.

Additionally, we offer a choice of schedules to fit your needs as a parent with offerings for full day and half day care and learning. We understand that the choice to put your child into the right preschool program is an important one. Let us show you why Sheldon Acres is the right place to help prepare your child for their future success. Schedule a walkthrough or contact one of our childcare professionals today.