When it comes to providing the best for their children, many parents seek out a variety of options in order to find the best answer. While there is no miracle answer to solve all of life’s mysteries and woes, certain activities have proven to be hugely beneficial for child development. As one of the premier preschools in Elk Grove, the Seldon Acres Child Development Center provides a wide array of engaging activities to get your child moving and learning. One area of focus is music and singing in order to promote optimal childhood development. Your preschooler is at a stage where learning needs to be fun and engrossing. The power of music with preschool programs has been the center of focus for many researchers for decades now, and the results are consistently positive. Today, we’ll look at a few key factors that can greatly influence your child during this crucial period of learning and development. Utilizing musical activities can make your kid’s early childhood education experience captivating and exhilarating!

musicforpreschool_blog_innerimageCoordination Skills

Fine motor skills lay the foundation for a lifetime of dexterity, and preschoolers are in a constant state of improvement. Being able to complete small muscle movements for precision object manipulation is an important part of childhood development, and the act of playing an instrument greatly aids in the process. Children will also benefit from the larger movements, including dancing and prop utilization. Being able to multitask with an instrument while singing and playing results in a comprehensive benefit for developing minds. The result is a young student who has experience in honing their coordination.

Speech Improvements

The ability to speak and interpret seamlessly is a very helpful trait for young minds to have. Our musical activities encourage constant improvements in speech and communication. Being able to sing a variety of songs gives your child the ability to enhance their thriving speaking skills. Music is a useful tool for children who require speech therapy. As beings who are drawn to rhythm and sound, we more fully enjoy the catchy elements of song. Being able to more effectively communicate results in a variety of benefits for the child, from expressing needs and fears to relating to others.

Cognitive Advances

Music has the ability to change moods, outlooks, and ideas. When your child listens to a musical piece, their brain lights up with activity. Numerous areas are activated, included the limbic, auditory, and motor sections of the brain. Different types of music activate different parts of the brain, creating a comprehensive approach to stimulation and development. Studies have supported the idea that musical lessons increase the child’s cognitive skills over standard lesson plans.

Sheldon Acres is proud provide top-notch preschool education for Elk Grove residents for three decades and counting. Our highly trained staff has the experience and resources to offer the most optimal preschool experience for your young one. Using a variety of programs and themes, our teachers are ready to teach and enhance the learning experience for their students. Parents can take confidence in our program’s proven track record of success. If you’re in need of preschool services in Elk Grove, feel free to contact us today to learn more!