When it comes to the choice of which preschool program to enroll their child in, many parents strive to find the best possible option. There are dozens of preschools to choose from, making it more difficult to find one that truly puts the best effort forth to enrich your child’s life. Sheldon Acres Child Development Center is proud to be a top preschool for Elk Grove residents. Our establishment provides a wide range of services, from summer camps to school-aged care. We are proud to offer our Top Rated Local® child care services to you! In our last blog, we looked at a few benefits that your preschooler can gain from participating in a musical program. Today, we’ll continue this journey by discussing a few more key benefits that can help to vastly improve your child’s development. For 30 years, we have been delivering proven child development services, and our team is ready to help your child thrive!

Building Confidence

Holding high levels of confidence and self-esteem are the building blocks for future success. When your child star begins to comprehend how to play an instrument and succeeds in doing so, their confidence will flourish. Musical skills are developed and learned over time, giving children the excitement of learning a new activity at a young age. Self-worth revolves around how the little one experiences their handiness at comprehending a new skill. If they are taught to play something such as a recorder and are positively reinforced for doing so, the positive benefits are numerous in number and high in caliber. Confidence is also dependent on how an individual is viewed and accepted by their peers, making social competence another important part of growing up.

Social Advances

Social involvement is vital for proper development during the preschool years. Your little one will now be looking to their peers for cues on how to interact and behave in society. Playing in musical activities will assist with teamwork, discipline, group dynamics, and the rewards of working together. If your child struggles with coming out of their shell, an interactive musical class can help them to express themselves and interact with other children.

Memory Improvement

The high advances in cognitive thinking derived from music with toddlers will also help to improve their memory. Music’s ability to engage several different parts of the brain will lead to stronger, faster connections in which memory can be stored. Not only will your little star be learning a wider variety of activities (i.e. music as a language), he or she will also be able to capitalize on this engaged learning by improving their recall abilities. From the correct handling of their instrument to the sequence of notes about to be played, each child can benefit from music at an early age.

Introducing musical activities to children has shown proven results that promote higher cognitive functioning and learning abilities. Sheldon Acres strives to give their kids the best tools possible to succeed now and in the future. If you are in need of a preschool in Elk Grove, we are always accepting new applicants! Stop by our early childhood education center to see our operations in person or contact us today to learn more!