It’s the middle of summer and the kids are getting on your last nerve. Is it time for school to start yet? Finding things to wear your kids out in the summer can be difficult, but finding time for just you and your spouse can be even harder.

Having an evening alone to have adult conversation is crucial to keep your relationship thriving while also keeping your sanity. At Sheldon Acres Child Development Center in Elk Grove, we understand the importance of those evenings as well as how difficult it can be to find babysitters, especially during the summer months.

How it Affects Your Kids

Parents aren’t the only ones that need a break. Summertime comes with spending a lot of time together with your kids, especially if you stay at home with them day in and day out. Spending too much time together can cause problems for both the parent and children.

When a parent gets burned out due to spending too much time feeding, entertaining, and cleaning up after their children, they can lose their patience. Most parents probably wouldn’t admit it, but sometimes this even leads to them starting to resent the children.

Parents aren’t alone in this. Children will also start resenting the parent, as they can sense the aggravation towards them. Kids have an incredible ability of knowing when parents are frustrated, and it will lead to them also being upset and acting out even more.

How a Parents’ Night Out Helps

Having a night that you and your spouse can get away and go out to eat or just go home and watch television in peace and quiet allows you to relax and reset. It’s okay to need a break and have some alone time with your spouse. This doesn’t just help the two of you; these evenings also benefit your children.

Giving yourself time to reset will create a happier environment for your kids. It also teaches your child the importance of having time for yourself so that they will know how to handle similar situations later in life. Lastly, it changes the scenery and routine for them which is extremely important. Kids bore easily and having the same routine every day gets monotonous. They need to get out of the house, socialize with other kids, and be active — all of which can be difficult to accomplish in the midst of a hot summer.

Sheldon Acres Parents’ Night Out Child Care

Sheldon Acres Child Development Center offers an amazing parents’ night out child care program. It can be nearly impossible to find a reliable and trustworthy babysitter, so we are here for you. Our professional staff plans engaging activities full of fun with different themes for infants to twelve years old. Allow your children to get out of the house and burn some energy while you and your spouse enjoy a much needed night out together. Register today!

Keep in mind that Sheldon Acres also offers daycare services, before and after school care, and summer camps. Call Sheldon Acres Child Development Center today for more information on any of our programs or to register your kids for a parents’ night out!