It’s summertime! While this can be a season of fun and excitement for children, it’s often a challenging time for parents who need a safe, effective summer camp for their kids. If you’re looking for a fun, memorable summer camp in Elk Grove for your child, Sheldon Acres Child Development Center is here to help California families. After more than 30 years of providing Top Rated Local® child care to growing children, we’re confident that we can provide an amazing experience for your little one.

As our infographic explains, there are many reasons why you should enroll your child in our summer camp.

Fun Activities

Summertime is all about having fun for your child, so why not let them roam free at our early childhood education center? Sheldon Acres provides all of the fun your little one could ever want, from gardening experiments to swim lessons.

  • Fun field trips
  • Engaging learning games
  • Daily sports activities
  • Special events
  • Swimming in our personal pool

We take pride in creating fun experiences for children of all ages and interests. Kids live to have fun during the summer, making it a top priority for parents to find a center that focuses on adventure!

Improved Fitness

One of the biggest benefits of enrolling your little one in our active summer camp is that he or she will be moving out and about all day long. Running and playing helps to keep young muscles strong and growing bones safe. This is also the perfect time for kids to burn through all of their energy, creating calmer experiences for parents who are looking for a quiet evening after a tough day at the office. Fitness is a building block for overall health, so why not let your little one run free at Sheldon Acres?

Room To Explore

With more than two acres of land in Elk Grove, our day care center provides the perfect place for your little one to run free and truly be a kid. Sheldon Acres has been in business for more than three decades, and our team is dedicated to creating a fun space that captivates the imagination. Your kid will enjoy the country feel of our spacious property.

Social Development

Dynamics amongst peers are always changing and evolving, making it beneficial for your little one to spend time learning social skills. Experiences at this early point in life can provide long-term advantages for kids of all ages. We provide fun and engaging activities that promote social skills and build confidence.

Safe Environments

Our daycare center is safe and secured at all times, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your little one is completely cared for and protected from a wide range of hazards. Outside of our facility, every staff member relies on continual training to ensure that every child is accounted for at all times.

Sheldon Acres Child Development Center is here to provide the best outcomes for kids and parents in need of a quality summer camp in Elk Grove. If your little one can benefit from a season of fun activities with peers in a safe facility, be sure to contact us for more information!