As a parents, we understand the challenges that come with trying to find a quality child care program that allows your little star to thrive in a safe, productive environment. Being able to trust early childhood education providers with your child on a daily basis can prove to be very stressful. Families often seek out preschools and after-school programs that are built on years of experience and reputation. These days, though, it’s important to find an all-around source for child care, including a portfolio of benefits for you and your little learner. Sheldon Acres Child Development Center has been your source for the best child care in Elk Grove for more than 30 years. Our care providers provide learning and recreation for children between the ages of two and 12, focusing on enriching lives through our award-winning programs.

We’re confident that our daycare facility will exceed your high expectations for how childcare should be performed. Today, we’ll look over a few tips that may prove useful in your search for a quality program. When done, be sure to contact our Top Rated Local® child care experts in California today!

Be the Early Bird

Planning ahead and getting an early start on your search will be much more beneficial than procrastinating. Finding a quality child care center can take time, and some places have a waiting list for admittance. The early stages are perfect for doing research, where you can gain all of the positives and negatives for the different aspects of each child care program, from our daycare center to in-home care services. Planning ahead will help to minimize any surprises in regards to location, services offered, budget, and so on.

Gather Information

Once you have compiled a list of possible providers, it’s time to begin gathering data to help you make the best possible choice for your child. Parents at this stage can benefit from calling their chosen child care centers to visit and ask questions about the facility. Across California, you can find a large range of facilities for the purpose of caring for your little star, making it necessary to develop a list of questions in order to properly measure the value of each center. It is important to find a quality child development program with positive ratings in regards to:

  • Accreditation. Child care providers in our state must have a license to legally provide service. When looking for a quality preschool or daycare program, it pays to inquire about the qualifications of your target. This can have wide-reaching benefits, including insurance coverage and national oversight. Gaining accreditation shows a commitment to quality care and up to date standards.

Finding the best child care in Elk Grove may be a challenge, but the effort of doing so can make a major impact in the quality of your student’s early childhood education. From our swim lessons at our own pool to fun activities during Parent’s Night Out, your child will enjoy the best that Sheldon Acres Child Development Center has to offer. Next time, we’ll continue to provide tips on how to find an early childhood education program that can truly help your child thrive. Contact us today to learn more!