The first day of school. For young children, nothing up until this point has been more exciting or fear-inducing. While your little learner will be excited to learn and thrive amongst his or her peers, the reality of this big change can result in a lot of anxiety. As the parent, we know that you will be working to make the first day of school for your child the best experience possible. As one of the top preschools in Elk Grove, we are here to provide the early childhood education your star needs to shine in school. The Sheldon Acres Child Development Center has worked diligently for more than three decades to create comprehensive preschool programs that aim to enrich lives and promote an excitement for education.

There are many options that parents have when it comes to reducing anxiety and stress for their child’s first day of school. Today, we’ll continue to discuss a few basic tips that may help you and your student to have a happy, successful sendoff. If you are in need of a proven preschool program, be sure to contact us!


Outfits are also an important part of the first day process, as dressing your child in confidence will prove to be helpful in giving them self-confidence in a new situation. A lot of worry comes from fitting in with peers, and shopping for a new wardrobe can end up making a big difference in your child’s demeanor. Be sure to take him or her shopping in the week before school starts. They’ll love the new threads, and you’ll love the difference this experience makes in their demeanor.

Retaining Calm

Your kid will be relying on you for cues on how to act and behave during this stressful period. One way to keep everything calm is to remain calm yourself. It can be too easy to get wrapped in the chaos of taking your child to his or her first day of school on top of the rest of life’s activities. When you stress over the process, your child will pick up on the negative emotions. Being able to provide an environment that is free of stress and worry will help your child feel confident in their new conquest.

Be Punctual

Similar to keeping calm is the notion of being on time for the first day. The overall anxiety of this time can be exacerbated by the rush associated with being behind schedule. Hastily collecting all of your items and rushing your child out the door will not set the stage for a positive experience. This builds on our theme of keeping everything calm and consistent in order to minimize disruptions. Being timely is also important for the end of the school day. Nobody likes being last, and the negative emotions associated with having to wait may take a toll on your little one. Keep to your schedule, and everyone wins!

Taking the time to help get your young student comfortable can make a major difference in their experience once the first day of school arrives. Children do not enjoy change, which is why it can be very productive to prepare them for the challenges ahead. Sheldon Acres is here as your go-to preschool in Elk Grove, offering preschool and daycare services to help enrich children’s lives and promote a lifelong passion for learning. Contact us today to learn more about our preschool center!